A professional event always looks for differentiating character an exclusive touch that marks distance with the conventional ones.
Finca Villacreces has got multipurpose spaces easily transformable to be adapted as meetings, presentations or “team building” spaces. We put at your disposal our spacious dinning room where develop a formal business lunch and our outdoor spaces with vineyard views for a relaxed cocktail.
Imagine your event, we make it happen.

Tricentenary Olive Tree Patio

Exclusive corner created around the olive tree with more than 300 years old located in the center of a space of 300 square meters suitable for all types of conferences, presentations or cocktail with capacity between 100 and 300 people depending on its setup.

Picnic Area

Open green area equipped with a platform and pergola that presents as a space of disconnection
with views to the vineyards and the bicentennial pine forest to celebrate Bruch for business.

Origens Patio

Traditional courtyard, cobbled and full of history. Ideal space for holding receptions, cocktails and small events with capacity between 50 and 100 people depending on its setup.


The breadth and versatility of green spaces that surround the building makes them very versatile for all kinds of exhibitions, large presentations or advertising shootings.
We have a select group of suppliers that can provide stages, tents or kitchens that manage to transform this space into what you can imagine.